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The HomeSight connected care platform is an end-to-end, managed technology system that’s designed to help solution and application providers do what they do best: create solutions that enhance the quality of care in the home without worrying about underlying technical complexities and operations. Our solution seamlessly connects patients, caregivers, families, and communities with simplified, purpose-built technology that encourages aging in place with dignity.


HomeSight Smart Camera (Model HC200)

The HC200 brings the power of edge computing to the home in an elegant smart camera that can mount on top of the TV or sit on a table-top, enabling video calling on the TV. It is also an IoT hub providing connectivity to a wide range of medical devices such as thermometers, pulse oximeters, scales, and other connected devices.
Behind the compact and stylish design is a powerful computing engine that boasts 8 CPU cores, along with special processors for image processing, digital signal processing and a neural-network engine for local processing of AI/ML models. What this means is that high-end analytics typically relegated to the cloud can now be performed locally to enhance security and privacy.
The key features include:
  • High quality HD camera for video calling via the TV
  • Automated shutter that covers the lens, making it clear when the camera is active.
  • Playback of audio/video from local or cloud-based resources
  • Interoperability with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Low Energy enabled personal health devices
  • Motion and position detection
  • Gesture and facial recognition camera vision for ease of use and security
  • Far-field microphones for voice command recognition. Sound-identification for well-being monitoring. Multiple language support
The HC200 provides a unique remote control solution for navigating applications and for controlling the TV source switching.
  • Bluetooth® Low Energy and Infra-red (IR) capable
  • Software upgradable



HomeSight Environmental Sensor (Model EM200)

A small unobtrusive device for multi-modal monitoring of the home environment to ensure that the room is comfortable and that the cared-for is going about their daily routine.

  • Measures room temperature and humidity
  • PIR (passive infra-red) motion detection
  • Ambient light sensing
  • Intelligent sound detection
  • Battery powered (2 x AA)
  • Designed for wall-mounting



HomeSight Connectivity Module (Model LTE200)

The LTE200 provides data connectivity for the HC200 camera using the 4G mobile network. It may be used in homes without broadband access or as a back-up for HC200 connectivity should the home lose Internet access.

  • Managed by the HC200 camera, the LTE200 can serve as the primary connection or as a fail-over backup to Ethernet or Wi-Fi
  • Global LTE band ready with CAT-4 (150Mbps Rx, 50Mbps Tx) capability
  • Micro SIM slot (accessible by sliding open the top cover), SIM card not included
  • USB-C Power Delivery compatible


HomeSight Cloud + SDK

The HomeSight Cloud includes access to a Portal for managing HomeSight system deployments that provides:

  • Device monitoring
  • Device provisioning including software update management
  • Secure role-based access for operations and support roles

The HomeSight system includes:

  • A rich set of REST-APIs for application and cloud-to-cloud integrations
  • An SDK for home devices based on Android

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