Connected Care, Made for TV


A whole new perspective on connected care for care providers

Our HomeSight solution connects older adults with caregivers, care professionals, family and friends through the technology they find most familiar — the TV — creating simple, secure access to a network of trusted people who can contribute to their well-being and help them live independently longer with dignity.

The HomeSight system delivers services that can help care providers elevate health and wellness for individuals and their support networks.


Enabling the home of tomorrow for aging in place
August 15, 12:00 – 1:30PM ET
Speaker: Nav Kannan, VP, HomeSight at Vantiva
Hosted by the  Association for Smarter Homes and Buildings

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Vantiva Launches the HomeSight™ Care Suite Solution

Vantiva, leader in home connectivity, today unveils its innovative HomeSight Care Suite, a sophisticated connected care system designed to meet the needs of care providers.

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A whole new perspective for personal care agencies

What if you could deliver better home care services at a lower cost?
What if you could make your team happier, more productive, and more efficient, with less travel time?

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Read our blog series on the application of technology to enhance care in the home. 


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The HomeSight solution features overview

  • Video calling including 1:1 calls and video conferencing including Zoom.
  • Photo & video sharing via web/mobile app with secure family-only account sharing for privacy.
  • Trusted contacts with user/account management and role-based access (social, care, management, family & friends).
  • On-screen notifications & alerts for calls, appointments, reminders, events, and more.
  • Unobtrusive monitoring that includes whole-home monitoring of temperature, humidity, sound detection and activity tracking, reported via dashboards.
  • Wellness monitoring with third-party device pairing and reporting.
  • Virtual communities support with curated group activity videos, broadcast calling across groups, and more.


Better home care, delivered more efficiently



Securely connect older adults, family & friends and caregivers, through the TV — delivering instant access to a network of trusted people that can contribute to better health, reduce isolation, and encourage social engagement for aging adults.



On-screen health and wellness reminders encourage medical and wellness regime adherence while access to virtual communities helps to keep minds active, bodies healthy and social calendars full.



Virtual lifestyle and wellness monitoring using environmental sensors and paired medical devices deliver actionable data that you can use to further improve and customize care for those you serve.

Benefits for you & them


Care providers / Franchises

  • Open new revenue streams and B2B opportunities
  • Easy to deploy, learn and administer
  • Elevate staff attraction and retention
  • Rich health data-analytics fuel further efficiency
  • Offer better outcomes at a lower cost
  • Improve brand differentiation and profitability


  • Offer wellness checks and other services remotely, reducing travel time
  • Automate certain tasks such as medication and appointment reminders
  • Attend to more older adults in the same amount of time — and multiple families at the same time
  • Increase job effectiveness and satisfaction

Older adults

  • Easily stay connected with others using a familiar technology
  • Receive better personal care with more touchpoints
  • Improve health adherence with helpful on-screen reminders
  • Reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • Access engaging and enriching digital content
  • Maintain control of privacy

Family & Friends

  • Perform wellness checks without having to travel to location
  • Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing loved ones are safe at home
  • Stay in control of loved ones’ care with a secure solution
  • Out-of-town family and friends can be more deeply involved with the care of older adults
  • Delay the need for and expense of a nursing home

HomeSight products

Secure and reliable cloud with an available SDK for interoperability, smart devices with powerful edge computing capabilities and sensors to enable a wide range of connected services.

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If you are a HomeSight user then please contact your care provider.
If you are a Care Provider then please contact your HomeSight Sales Representative.


HomeSight Connected Care Solution from Vantiva


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The HomeSight system is brought to you by Vantiva, a global leader in home technology and a trusted partner for broadband and TV service providers around the world, including Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Telefonica, and Vodafone.