Webinar February 23, 2023 4 PM CET | 10AM ET 30 min + Q&A

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5G FWA webinar
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As 5G FWA starts to make headlines everywhere in the world, competition has increased among current and new home broadband service providers. This technology has impressive growth potential as it is very relevant in areas with poor or no connectivity and in places where fiber or cable deployment makes no sense as it is too expensive.

But which level of quality will operators offer with 5G FWA to provide a satisfying home broadband experience for a whole family?
While end users don’t care about the technology used to connect their home, they expect seamless installation, fast speeds and the delivery of services creating value as provided with traditional Fiber and Cable solutions. 

In this webinar, Olivier Lafontaine, Product Management Director, VANTIVA Product Division, we will discuss how operators across the world are managing the different 5G FWA challenges: 

  • How does this technology coexist with operators’ current cable or Fiber solutions? 
  • What are the issues consumers face and how can operators resolve them?
  • How can operators bring a Fiber- and Cable-like in home experience with 5G FWA?
  • How do 5G FWA services compete with traditional wireline offerings?
  • How can expectations of both consumers and operators be met in terms of broadband service usage and management?

Olivier Lafontaine (Vantiva)

Olivier Lafontaine (Speaker)

Product Management Director, VANTIVA Product Division

With over 23 years of experience in the Telecom industry, Olivier Lafontaine is a Strategy and Product Management Director at VANTIVA where he is responsible for defining our 5G FWA product strategy .

In this role, Olivier is driving the development of new Vantiva products that enhance the user experience at home by connecting them to 5G networks. Before joining VANTIVA (known as Technicolor at that time), Olivier was Head of Worldwide Business Development for ST-Ericsson, a joint venture between STMicroelectronics and Ericsson, where he engaged smartphone vendors with the first 4G chipsets available in the market. Olivier holds a Master of Science in Telecom Engineering from INPG.

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Lane Cooper (BizTechReports)

Lane Cooper (Moderator)

Editorial Director of BizTechReports

Lane has over 30 years of experience as a communications executive, consultant, researcher, editor and reporter analyzing the business and technology industry. He is the Editorial Director of BizTechReports, an independent reporting agency that covers the industry analyst community, and is a Contributing Editor to CIO.com, CSO.com, Network World and Computerworld. In this capacity, Lane meets with over 600 senior technology leaders -- including CIOs, CTOs, VPs and Directors -- every year moderating executive events that discuss emerging digital transformation developments.

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