Vantiva Smart Storage™ 

Robust Wi-Fi + Smart Devices all in one integrated platform  

Whether you are looking to manage your self storage sites remotely, offer new services to your tenants or simply want to run your business operations more efficiently, Vantiva can help.

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About Vantiva Smart Spaces

Vantiva creates turnkey smart ecosystems for self-storage property portfolios, unlocking new revenue opportunities, operational efficiencies, and improved tenant experience at scale.

Vantiva provides:

  • Network infrastructure design, hardware and installation - ensuring reliable connectivity throughout the site.
  • IoT subsystems – specifying and installing the sensors and devices needed to improve operations and gather data.
  • Unified management - real-time monitoring and control of all IoT devices and subsystems in a single platform, with data dashboards that empower managers to monitor hundreds of sites from a single screen.
  • Ongoing support - ensuring performance and helping operators get the most value from a smart space.

Vantiva smart spaces are a futureproof foundation for ongoing facility improvement and revenue growth. With a robust site-wide network and unified management, adopting new technologies is easier and more cost-efficient, leading to faster ROI.

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